Agricultural – Nozzle Installation and Operation

Nozzle Installation & Operation - Agricultural Applications

  • For single nozzle installation, the supply line from the pump should be one pipe size larger than the nozzle thread size.  For example, if the nozzle has a 1/2" thread, the supply line should be 3/4".
  • For dual nozzle installation, the supply line should be two sizes larger than the nozzle pipe thread.
  • Boom Buster® nozzles are tested at a height of 48" above ground level.  They can be mounted lower or higher than 48".  This may require adjusting the angle of the nozzle to achieve the correct distance (in feet) as specified in the nozzle selection guide.
  • Some Boom Buster® nozzles are designed to be mounted level, while others should be angled either up or down.
  • Mounting nozzles on street elbows allows for quick and easy nozzle adjustment.  Single and dual supply line installations are illustrated below.
  • For dual nozzle installation, nozzles should be mounted close enough together to insure proper overlap.
  • In multiple pass spraying, the end of the pattern should overlap approximately 18".
  • While small mesh nozzle strainers are not necessary, a coarse mesh inline strainer may be necessary if tank or water supply becomes contaminated with large particles.
  • Minimize drift by spraying just above the crop or ground to be sprayed.  As with any mehod of spraying, high or gusty wind can cause some pattern shifting.  Always use good judgement when spraying; do not spray in high winds.
  • Spray it safe! Always wear protective clothing and handle all chemicals with care.

Boom Buster® nozzles have been tested and classified in accordance with ASABE S-5721.  Certification for all nozzles is available upon request.