Right-of-Way Spray Unit

Right-of-Way Spraying Combinations

The sizes and combinations listed in the chart are ideal for right-of-way spraying with tank mix systems, as well as computer-controlled direct-injection systems.  Each nozzle is designed to spray a specific pattern width, yet all nozzles listed in the combinations below will apply the same amount of liquid per acre at the same speed, and at the same pressure.  Unlike cluster nozzles which require several straight stream nozzles to spray a given distance, each Boom Buster® nozzle sprays the entire distance of the pattern as listed in the application chart.

Boom Buster® Right-of-Way Spray Unit

Our right-of-way spray unit is designed with features most requested by applicators and we build each unit to order. Built with the durability you expect from Boom Buster®, the right-of-way spray unit is equipped with your choice of three spray nozzles, all of which may be individually controlled from the in-cab console. Using the right-of-way spray unit nozzle combinations, each nozzle will spray a different band width, yet all nozzles apply the same amount of spray per acre at the same speed and pressure. Please refer to the nozzle combination chart above for the right combination for your application needs.